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Technical Excursions

Technical Excursion 1 - Copenhagen Metro Service


Date & Time: September 25, 14:00

Transport: The shuttle-bus leaves from DTU at 13:00

Address: Metrovej 3, 2300 Copenhagen

The Metro Service A/S has overall responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Copenhagen Metro service. Metro Service ensures that the Metro is running correctly 24 hours a day while giving the passengers a good travel experience. Metro Service A/S has kindly agreed to take us on a guided tour of their workshop and train service area. We will also have the chance to see the control room where all the traffic is controlled and monitored.


Technical Excursion 2 - Mærsk Triple-E


Date & Time: September 25, 15:30

Transport: The shuttle-bus leaves from the Metro Service headquarters at 15:00

Address: Langeliniekaj , 2100 Copenhagen



Mærsk Triple-E, the world largest container ship, is in Copenhagen at the same time as the ICCL'13! Participants of the conference will have the unique opportunity of going onboard the vessel and follow a guided tour. The event includes a large exhibition area where it is possible to follow the building of this engineering masterpiece.

Mind that the tour implies having to go up a flight of stairs corresponding to 16th floors. We only have a limited number of tickets. Participants that have NOT yet registered will be given a ticket in a first come first served fashion.



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