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How to get there

Getting to Valparaso or Viña el Mar from Santiago

There is a frequent coach bus service between Santiago and Valparaso. Numerous operators, abundant seating, about a 90 minute ride, for approximately 3000 ChP (Chilean Pesos) one way.  The closest departure spot from the airport is the "Pajaritos" Station (which is also a Subway Station). The 2 main coach lines that travel to Viña del Mar and Valparaiso are TURBUS and PULLMAN BUS, their buses leave every 15/20 minutes. It is best to ride all the way to the terminal station and then take a taxi to your hotel.

Getting to Pajaritos terminal from Santiago International Airport

The least expensive alternative is to take the Bus "Centropuerto" (blue coach bus) or "TURBUS Aeropuerto" (green coach bus) which will pick you up right outside the airport's first level exit and take you to Pajaritos Station in 15 minutes (no reservation required, payment onboard, 2000 ChP, local currency only).

It is also possible to take a TAXI or TRANSFER (minibus) that will drive you directly from the airport to Valparaiso. The TAXI will charge you around 80,000 ChP (USD 160 approximately). Please reserve your Taxi at the counters INSIDE the airport.

If you wish to ride to Santiago, a TAXI to downtown will charge you 15,000 ChP pesos approximately (USD 30), a TRANSFER will charge you about 6,000 ChP approximately (USD 12). You may also take the Centropuerto or TURBUS Aeropuerto buses to Pajaritos Metro Station and arrive at your destination through the subway system.

Getting around

The conference will be held at the Engineering IBC Building located in Av. Brasil 2241, Valparaso.

The main street references are Av. Errazuriz (parallel both to the sea shore and to Av. Brasil) and Av. Francia.

If you travel in public transportation form Viña del Mar, take any bus that indicates Av. Errazuriz as part of their route.  The bus stop is called Av. Francia. If you travel by metro train (very comfortable and safe, but requieres the purchase of a prepaid card at the station counter), the station is also called Francia (www.metro-valparaiso.cl)

Map of Valparaíso

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