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23 Sep. 2012

18:30 Reception (恒悦轩,Wanping Road 290, Xujiahui Garden)

24 Sep. 2012 (2nd Floor, Faculty Club, Xuhui Campus)

09:00 09:15


Prof. Hao Hu and Prof. Stefan Vo

09:15 10:00

Keynote 1

  Simulation goes China  --- Dirk Wortmann

10:00 10:30

Tea Break


10:30 12:00

Session 1

Theme: Maritime Shipping

  An Accurate Model for Seaworthy Container Vessel Stowage Planning with Ballast Tanks --- Dario Pacino


  A Novel Predictive Control Based Framework for Optimizing Intermodal Container Terminal Operations --- Rudy R. Negenborn


  Scientometric Analysis of Container Terminals and Ports Literature and Interaction with Publications on Distribution Networks --- Stefan Vo

12:00 14:00



14:00 15:30

Session 2

Theme: Fleet Deployment

  The Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning Problem with Cargo Flows  ---  Kevin Tierney


  Uncertainty in Maritime Fleet Renewal Problems  ---  Giovanni Pantuso


  Maritime Fleet Deployment with Fairly Evenly Spread Voyages: A Case Study  ---  Inge Norstad

15:30 16:00

Tea Break


16:00 17:30

Session 3

Theme: Port Operations

  Impact of Port Disruption on Supply Chains: A Petri Net Approach  --- Tsz Leung Yip


  Transport Systems for Linking Seaport Container Terminals and Dedicated Satellite Terminals  --- Joachim R. Daduna


  Capacity Restricted Transport Corridors - Considering the Entrance Lane of a Port --- Xiaoning Shi





25 Sep. 2012 (3rd Floor with signs, Library, Minhang Campus)

09:00 10:30

Parallel Sessions 4AB

Theme A: Vehicle Routing

  Solving Vehicle Routing Problems Using an Enhanced Clarke-Wright Algorithm: A Case Study --- Buyang Cao


  Rolling Horizon Collaborative Vehicle Routing --- Xin Wang


  Solving Vehicle Routing with Full Container Load and Time Windows  ---  Line Blander Reinhardt


Theme B: Logistics Operations

  Planning Maritime Logistics Concepts for Offshore Wind Farms: A Newly Developed Decision Support System  ---  Kerstin Lange


  Application of Cycle-Based Simulation to Estimate Loss of Logistics Productivity on Construction Sites   ---  Feng Xu


  Benchmarking European Airports Based on a Profitability Envelope: A Break-Even Analysis   ---  Branko Bubalo

10:30 11:00

Tea Break


11:00 12:30

Parallel Sessions 5AB

Theme A: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  Solving the Two-Stage Capacitated Facility Location Problem by the Lagrangian Heuristic  --- Igor Litvinchev


  Applying Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Retail Trade from a Logistics Point of View - An Overview over Opportunities and Limitations --- Joachim R. Daduna


  An Insertion Heuristic Manpower Scheduling for In-Flight Catering Service Application   ---  San-Nah Sze


Theme B: Container Terminals

  Storage Yard Management with Integrated Consideration of Space Allocation and Crane Deployment in Container Terminals --- Jian Gang Jin


  Optimization of Quay Crane Scheduling in Container Terminals with Different Kinds of Genetic Algorithm --- Yuanbin Song


  Extended Mis-overlay Calculation for Pre-marshalling Containers --- Stefan Vo

12:30 14:00



14:00 16:30

Technical Excursion 1

Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2. Get together at 14:00 outside of the lunch venue, shuttle bus service is provided the whole afternoon until the Banquet starts.



Banquet in Seagull Restaurant, Pudong District



After the Banquet, the students assist transport back to the Campus.


26 Sep. 2012  (3rd Floor with signs, Library, Minhang Campus)

09:00 10:30

Session 6

Theme: Planning and Operations

  Logistic Planning and Control with Operating Curves: A Practical Case  ---  Frederik Schulte


  Multi-item Simultaneous Lot Sizing and Storage Allocation with Production and Warehouse Capacities   ---  Cagatay Iris


  Bunker Purchasing with Contracts ---Christian E. M. Plum

10:30 11:00

Tea Break


11:00 12:00

Keynote 2 and Closing

  Consistency in Vehicle Routing  --- Richard Hartl

12:00 14:00



14:00 16:30

Technical Excursion 2

Maglev. Get together at 14:00 outside of the lunch venue, shuttle bus service is provided the whole afternoon until arriving at the Maglev station.

27 Sep. 2012 

09:00 16:30

Optional Sightseeing Tour

Wuzhen, which is a tiny but traditional and interesting water-town. Get together at 09:00




Ms. Mingmin Wang: 0086 139 1792 3147

Ms. Zehui Huang: 0086 188 1751 9662


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